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Melissa Buczek Kelly is a frequent contributor and a go-to source for accurate, down-to-earth and applicable nutrition information for the public.

"Snack Yourself Slim" - All You Magazine; February 2012 (click for PDF view)

"5 Diets That Actually Work (and 3 That Definitely Don’t), According to Nutritionists" - PureWow; January 2018

"9 Hoboken + Jersey City Dietitians + Nutritionists Share Their Favorite Local Go-To Meals" - Hoboken Girl; October 2017

"7 Nutritionists Reveal How to Order Healthy at Any Restaurant" - Brit + Co; March 2016

"16 Dietitians Share How They Get Back On Track After Overeating" - Self; February 2016

"Healthy Snacks for All Your Summer Travels" - The Record; July 2015

"Pigskin Pigout" - The Record, NJ; January 2015

"Taste Trends for 2015" - The Record, NJ; January 2015

"Training and Nutrition" -; August 2013

Wayne Nutritionist on What to Eat, What to Avoid Eating & Why Losing Weight is So Hard- The Record, NJ; November 2013

Getting Enough ZZZ’s is Key to Weight Loss – The Record, NJ; March 2013

“Expert Diet Tips: Burn Off Those Peeps” –; March 2012

“Ask the Experts: Top Don’ts” – Food Network, Healthy Eats Blog; February 2011

“Ask the Experts: What’s Your Top Get Healthy Tip?” – Food Network, Healthy Eats Blog; January 2011


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